Business Trip to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore? See What You Can’t Miss in 4 Days

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29th November 2020

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Are you traveling soon for business to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore? If so, then you must make sure you make some time for yourself as well and not miss the most important attractions of these wonderful places. We understand that time is very precious to you and that’s why we’ve made a short list with what you should have on the ‘’to do list’’. Therefore, here is what you can’t miss in 4 days in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Do Not Miss the China Town

You must definitely not miss the colorful Chinatown from Kuala Lumpur. You cannot only buy all sort of items at a very low price, but you can also enjoy the incredible Chinese cuisine, which is absolutely tasty. In terms of entertainment, you can do lots of things from enjoying delicious cocktails that many bars offer, to listening to fantastic music in the nightclubs. All in all, this place represents Malaysia’s multihued multicultural background in the most perfect way possible.

Batu Caves is Absolutely Fantastic

This limestone hill is 400 million-year-old and it is the focal point of the Hindu Festival of Thaipusam which takes place annually in Kuala Lumpur. This festival is absolutely amazing and extremely colorful. Furthermore, you will be able to see the amazing view from the top of Batu Caves.

If You Want, You Can Go for Escorts

There are many people who go for escorts when they are on holiday or even on a business trip. Therefore, if you want to try an experience like this then you are certainly in the right place. Singapore is one of those cities where you can easily find an escort. There are Singapore escorts of different nationalities, and you will surely find one that will be to your liking.

Explore the Gardens by the Bay

Even if you are in Singapore for business, you must make some time to visit the Gardens by the Bay, which is the most iconic attraction in the city. There are two giant greenhouses where you will see some of the most exotic plants in the world. They look fantastic, and you will surely be impressed. Maybe you will think that seeing some plants is not something so extraordinary, but believe us when we say that they are spectacular. This place is without a doubt a must see one. What we recommend is to go at night time because there are also some beautiful sculptures that are lit up and the view is absolutely magical. Furthermore, make sure you also take a look at the giant trees outside, which look like they’re from another world.

Enjoy a Nice Cocktail at 1 Altitude

This place is the world’s highest rooftop bar. The incredible view from 1 Altitude will give you the feeling that you are on top of the world. The lights, the beautiful trees, the amazing view, and the wonderful cocktails make this place an excellent one for a night out in Singapore, whether you are alone or with your busin

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