Working Remote from Asia? Best co-working Spaces

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29th November 2020

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These days, there are many people who want to work differently, and most of them actually choose to move to another country if that’s possible. If you find yourself in the same situation as well, then this is definitely a big challenge. Asia is one of those places where you will find quite easy working remote, from many points of view. Therefore, if you find this idea interesting, then you should take a look at the following best co-working spaces that will help you reach your goal.

The Working Capitol, Singapore

Many people who choose to work remote from Asia, choose the beautiful and amazing city Singapore. Here, you can find lots of fantastic co-working spaces that will allow you to improve your work. The Working Capitol is located in Chinatown and it provides easy access to a network of professional service providers. The place is quiet and with a very relaxing atmosphere, and therefore you will be able to concentrate better when it comes to your work.

The Hive, Bangkok

If you choose Bangkok, then the Hive is one of the best co-working spaces you can go. The place is perfect for freelancers and young entrepreneurs as well. Here, you can also try the fantastic spa in order to relax and be more creative, and then enjoy a delicious coffee on the rooftop café. What you will certainly find quite advantageous are the flexible memberships that actually provide for no long-term contract. Take in mind that in places like this it is very easy to make new friends and also collaborate with some people if you have common interests.

CoWork.Inc, Jakarta

This wonderful co-working space is without a doubt a place for all those entrepreneurs with an innovative thinking. The CoWork.Inc is located in the vibrant Kemang, close to many hotels, shopping centers, markets, and more. Freelancers and startups will certainly find their place at CoWork.Inc.

The Loft, Hong Kong

If your decision is to work remote from Asia, and you choose to do this in Hong Kong, then we highly recommend you The Loft. This place offers flexible memberships, which is a wonderful advantage that other co-working spaces do not offer. Here you will find a 24-hour access, a beautiful outdoor terrace to unwind, and a fantastic studio as well. The interior is very nicely decorated, with warm colors so that you feel extremely relaxed while you work.

Innov8, New Delhi

Innov8 accommodates remote not only freelancers but remote teams as well. The ergonomic chairs will make you feel very comfortable at all times so that you do not have to deal with back pains in case you decide to spend quite a lot of time at Innov8. There are also some recreational rooms where you can relax when taking a break from your work. Many remote workers from New Delhi choose this place for working, socializing, and collaborating as well. Therefore, if you work remotely from New Delhi as well, you should give it a try and come to this place.

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