Moving from London to Singapore Experts’ Advice

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29th November 2020

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Singapore is a cosmopolitan city situated between Malaysia and Indonesia, a small island with a population of approx. 5.2 million, a multi-cultural country characterized by a literacy rate of 96% and industrial community, as well as a key regional trading centre, offering the best of East and West. Singapore might be small but this modern city state offers huge opportunities for those wanting to experience this vibrant corner through a mixture of eastern culture and western unique culture. One of the fastest-growing economies, often voted as one of the best places to live, it has a business hub home to over 7,000 companies, public R&D investment and easy access from over 150 cities.


When considering a move abroad, serial expats can attest that it is hard to make a decision, which is why we have prepared a list of some of the pros and cons. Singapore has a strong culture of entrepreneurship, an education system based on a bilingual policy and approx. 90,000 overseas students, which are required to hold a valid Student’s Pass, as a tourist visa is not sufficient. Anyone moving from London should prepare for contrasts before relocating, so we prepared some expat advice and compared life in each location as well.


Don’t worry if you are alone, because you can still have a memorable experience even if you move without a partner, and you’ll surely find a charming girl in Singapore. In this area, just like in London, hiring an escort if you don’t have friends can make for a quite funny time, so keep this tip in mind and don’t worry, because usually the escort girls are discrete : . If you find yourself alone, a charming escort will keep you good company.


Westerners should be prepared to leave their winter clothes behind when they get on Singapore Airlines. For a stay of less than one month, you need at least six months left in your passport, but you still need to apply for an Employment Pass, which requires your employer to make the application, and there is also the S Pass, so check out more info on Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower website. Much of the housing in Singapore comes in apartment form, while backyards are rarities, but there are parks to make up for it. Whether expats want to rent flat or a condo, high-rise developments are springing up all over and most of the privately owned new ones have pools and gyms.


Singapore’s low rate of income tax with generous tax free allowances means that most consumables are expensive, which is why the government allows you to pay tax in installments, depending on your perspective, and provides you with a higher level of cash. Singapore is one of the most exciting cities and moving here can be one of the best decisions, but there are a few things to keep in mind regarding accommodation, although London is also one of the most expensive cities. You need to brace yourself, because, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Singapore is the most expensive city, but the good news is that your salary will match the cost of living, sometimes including school as well.


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