The Golden Land
Located between India, China and Thailand Myanmar links the Indian subcontinent and South East Asia. It´s called "The Golden Land" by its inhabitants because of all the beautiful pagodas revealing themselves in every part of the country. Although it hasn´t international attention it turns out to be one of the most fascinating and mysterious countries
of Asia.

Union of Myanmar
Formerly called Burma its name was changed into "Union of Myanmar" in 1989. In 1996, the country opened itself to tourism, where an offical compaign took place. Since that it´s easier and more comfortable to travel there. However there´s no mass tourism yet and there are still some places of adventure...

Country Facts
The size of Myanmar´s territory is 676 577 sq km (France and England together). The country has an estimated population of 42 millions inhabitants. Five millions of them are living in the Capital Yangon which is a quite place compared with other big cities of Asia. There´re around 135 different ethnic groups in Myanmar. The offical language is Burmese, spoken by nearly 80% of the population.

Myanmar´s Nature
Myanmar has as much variety in its climate as in its landscapes: you can find tropical rainforest in the North, dry zones in the centre and wetlands in the South. Myanmar´s biodiversity is the biggest in South East Asia. The country has a very rich wildlife; you can find exotic animals such as tigers, elephants, leopards, buffalos, bears and monkeys.
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