Multi-ethnic State
Myanmar´s population consists of many different ethnic groups. According to their language affiliation, they´re divided into eight groups: the Bamar, the Shan, the Kayin, the Rakhaing, the Mon, the Kayah, the Chin and the Kachin. The Bamar makes up for the majority of the population with 68%. Altogether there´re more than 100 different languages and dialects spoken in Myanmar.

Burmese Way of Life
In Myanmar traditions play an important role. Despite influences from outside, the daily life is still defined by old customs. One of the very special traditions is the "anade", the way Burmese people interact among each other. They´re friendly, respectful towards the elderlies and keep their distance, so that they never lose their faces. Both women and men wear "longyis", a type of ankle-lenght skirt. Another widespread habit in the whole country is to chew betel nuts. As make-up and sunscreen Burmese women use "thanaka", a paste made from grounded sandalwood and water.

Arts and Crafts
In most of celebrations in Myanmar, there´s a "pwe", a variety show with dance, music, comedy and drama. The most popular form of this Burmese theatre is "zat-pwe", which features historical legends and myths. Also unique is the marionette theatre, where colorful puppets perform expressive and spectacular dances. An activity still carried on by the locals is the handmade production of lacquerware, a distinctive product of the country. They can be found in the traditional centres, which are located in Bagan and Pyay.
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