Monsun in Myanmar
Myanmar lives under the tropical climate zone called "monsun", which includes three seasons. The rainy season starts in May, reaches its highest point in June and August, and ends in October. During this period, the weather is often warm and sticky and the degree of humidity is very high.The following season is cooler and dry, and lasts from November and February. March and April are the warmest months of the year. In those two months temperatures can rise up to 45°C in Bagan and Mandalay´s central plains.

Travel Season
The best time to travel is from November to February, where the average temperatures are between 20 and 30°C. For travellers it´s the most comfortable time of the year because there´s little rain and the degree of humidity is moderate. However, temperatures can drop down under freezing point in the montains and northern region of the country.

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