By Air
Domestic flights are offered by four different airline companies: the public one, Myanma Airways; three private ones, Air Bagan, Air Mandalay and Yangon Airways. The nationaly run Myanma Airways isn´t recommendable because of the lack of safety. The three private airline companies offer flights connecting 13 cities. The prices for one-way tickets cost between US$ 45 and US$ 110. It´s best to buy tickets through a local travel agency. Travellers should be aware that flying in Myanmar indirectly supports the government and its surroundings who control most of the resources of the country. You can find the private airline websites in the travel links chapter.

By Bicycle
More and more people travel around Myanmar by bike, using their own brought from home. It´s important to use mountain bikes because of the bad roads. Also given the absence of bike shops you should carry along the necessary spare parts. For smaller tours, you can rent a bike at many places. However, these bicycles are mostly of poor quality and just adequate for short distances.

By Boat
Another way the country can be toured is by boat on Myanmar´s biggest river, the Ayeyarwady. Boat trips are a contemplative and relaxing way of travelling; however, it can take a long time. The most touristic route connects Mandalay and Bagan. A bit more unusal are Bhamo and Myitkyina in the North as starting points for boat trips. In the dry season, the boat tours won´t always be possible due to the low level of water.

By Bus
In Myanmar travelling by bus takes time and can be exhausting. Specially the older, public buses are often crowded and in addition used for carrying rice bags, dried fish and other flavorsome goods. Private companies offer newer express buses, which are more comfortable and run on the main routes. It´s recommendable to buy bus tickets one or two days in advance.

By Car
Foreigners aren´t allowed to drive in Myanmar. However, it´s possible to rent a car with a driver both for a limited period of time or for your whole trip. In this way, you will see quite a lot of the country and often have contact to the locals directly. Before you rent the car, it´s a good idea to check it carefully.

By Train
Going by train can be more relaxing than bus rides and offers nice views on the countryside. The main train line connects Yangon to Myitkyina, another goes from Yangon to Mottama. These long-distance trains are often fully booked, so it´s best to order tickets through a travel agency. Tickets for short-distance trains can be bought one day in advance on the railway station. Like for the plane taking the train is supporting the government and its surroundings.

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