Before your trip
Before starting your trip, you should have vaccination for hepatitis and typhus. Since medical assistance is difficult to obtain you should bring with you antibiotics, diarrhoea treatment, mosquito repellent and malaria emergency medication. Besides these essentials, it´s also necessary to bring stronger sunscreen than you usually need. We recommend to buy a travel insurance before you start your trip. You should ask for a more complete insurance given the limited services in Myanmar.

While in Myanmar
The Burmese public health care isn´t comparable to the European one.
In case of real emergencies, it´s advisable to fly to Bangkok and get treated there. You should consider following rules to protect yourself from health problems:
1. You should buy bottled drinking water or boil tap water.
2. Avoid ice cubes, salads, unpeeled fruits and milk (unless boiled).
3. Make sure that meat and fish is well cooked.

There´s malaria in Myanmar. There´re two types of treatment: one preventive (prophylaxis) and one curative (emergency medication). There´re conflicting views about malaria treatment; thus consult a travel clinics doctor. Still the best way to avoid malaria is to avoid mosquitos: Wear long leaves and long trousers, use effective repellent and bring a mosquito net. The risk of malaria depends on the season and the activities you plan on doing. While cities seem to be free of malaria, more malaria cases will reported in the coastal regions

• Here you can get more details about vaccinations and health care for    your trip:
   World Health Organisation - Myanmar section on local health situation    and special care for travellers
   Disease control and prevention centers
   Vaccine recommendations

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