Packing List

This packing list is just a suggestion about what could be necessary for your trip in Myanmar. If you plan special activities e.g. trekking or if you have extra needs e.g. asthma or diabetes you should carefully plan what to bring along. Myanmar is a third-world country and most western-style equipment, products and medicines are hard to find.


• bathing suit
• light summer clothes
• rain coat (only during rainy seasons)
• sandals or flip-flops
• sarong (can be used as towel or skirt as well)
• sneakers or trekking shoes
• sunhat and sunglasses
• sweater or thin jacket for the mountain regions

Don´t wear short trousers, short skirts and tank tops outside the beach.
Don´t bring too much; there´s cheap laundry service provided all over Myanmar.


• airplane ticket
• passport (must be vaild for at least six months starting the date of   your arrival)
• visa

Make a copy of all those documents and hide it somewhere safe in your luggage in case you lose the originals. Also, in case of emergency you can leave a copy at a friend in your homecountry.

Gifts for the Locals

• English-language books and magazines
• pens, pencils and other school supplies
• photos from your homecountry: family, friends, landscapes etc.

It´s better to hand out kid-realted gifts to their parents or to schools directly to discourage kids from begging.

Medical Supply

• antibacterial spray
• antibiotics
• aspirin
• antiseptic
• diarrhoea tablets
• first-aid kit
• indigestion tablets
• iodine
• malaria medicine (prophylaxis and/or emergency medication)
• mosquito repellent
• motion sickness tablets
• paracetamol
• thermometer (digital)

Read the health chapter for more info.

Money Matters

• $ US cash for your whole trip
• money belt

There´s no use for credit cards and Traveller´s cheques; there´re no ATMs in Myanmar as of yet.

Other Travel Items

• address book
• alarm clock
• books (guidebook, novel, map, phrase book)
• camera, films and batteries
• daypack
• flashlight
• mosquito net
• padlock
• paper or notebook
• pen
• towel
• travel adapter
• watch


• brush or comb
• condoms or contraceptive pills
• contact lenses or glasses
• ear plugs
• pocket knife and scissors
• razors and shaving cream
• shampoo and soap
• strong sunscreen
• tampons
• toothbrush and toothpaste

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